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Lazaara the leading provider of consumer products. For several years, they have launched the online sale with several websites and now mobile apps.
Flylerts is the newest travellers' community where real time notifications and alerts on flights and airports are shared by and among the passengers! It allows you to have a private dashboard with your future scheduled flights and direct access to comments and alerts created by other users on flights of you interest.
YuTurist, with the best places to see, it is the perfect app for tourists. YuTurist contains all the information on the best of art and culture sites, a careful selection of typical restaurants to eat and drink, shopping activities for all tastes and Availability , entertainment and sports for children and adults.
It is a platform that leverages all the advantages that a city can give you contacting you with your friends and neighbors, informing you of news and events of all kinds. You can even sell, share or give away any thing or service you want.

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